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PDK is dedicated to promoting quality education, and supports a variety of awards, which bring not only monetary enhancements, but career enhancements as well. There are two different types of awards listed below: those which are unique to the Toronto Chapter, and those for which the Chapter level brings entrance into International-level awards.

PDK membership dues are not used for Foundation-sponsored programmes. Member donations to the Educational Foundation Annual Fund Drive and/or the chapter and other fundraising activities such as Patrons or the ChalkWalk for Education fund the Chapter awards programmes.

The Toronto Chapter PDK sponsors awards in secondary schools and Faculties of Education at all levels through its Foundation programme.

Toronto Chapter Awards

Outstanding Educator Award

The Outstanding Educator Award is distinct from the others and is distinct to our chapter. It celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of an individual (or project) who has had a profound, positive impact on public education. A list of all the former Outstanding Educators can be found in the following document. Outstanding Educator

2016 Outstanding Educator Bev Freedman


Past Outstanding Educators
2015 - Gerry Connelly  
2015 AGM Report
2014 - Carol Rolheiser  
2014 AGM Report
2013 - Mary Jean Gallagher  
2013 AGM Report
2012 - Steve Paikin  
2012 AGM Report
2011 - David Booth  
2011 AGM Report
2009 - Chris Spence  
2009 Newsletter and AGM Report
2008 - Clay Lafleur  
2008 Newsletter and AGM Report
2007 - Barrie Bennett  
2007 Newsletter and AGM Report
2006 - Lorna Earl  
2006 Newsletter and AGM Report


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Jackman Award*

The Jackman Award was established by the Toronto Chapter to honour its founding president Henry Jackman, who modelled lifelong dedication to education and a deep concern for the individual student. It is open to all graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in a degree in education in one of Ontario's post-secondary institutions. The winning entry at the chapter level will receive $500 and a one-year membership in PDK. The deadline for the Jackman Award is Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

View the Jackman Award application instructions: Application

If you have any questions, contact the Chair, Jackman Award: Linda Massey at lmassey@principals.ca

Past Jackman Award Winners
2016   Ghaayathry Selvanathan, OISE
Ghaayathry's Essay
2015   Ryan Persadie, OISE
Ryan's Essay
2014   Jessica Pin, York University
Jessica's Essay
2013   Ken Hoffman
2012   Benjamin Petric, York University
Ben's Essay
2011   Kenneth D. McNeilly, OISE
2009   Mihai Sarbu, OISE
        Jordan Applebaum, York University

Chapter Awards Leading to International Level Foundation Awards

High School - Prospective Educator's Award*

The Prospective Educator's Award is a scholarship grant made to a current high school senior whose intended college major is a programme in education.

Entries are read by a committee from the Toronto Chapter. The winning entry at the chapter level will receive $100 and a one-year membership in PDK.

The chapter winner will be sent to the international level where it will be eligible for an award of up to US$1000.00.

Completed applications are due to Zenobia Omarali by Monday, March 14, 2016

Secondary school applicants can download the following form, complete and mail according to the instructions.

1) The Prospective Educator Application Form {HIGH SCHOOL} Application Form

Please forward all questions about the award to Zenobia Omarali via email at zen.omarali@gmail.com

Past Prospective Educator Winners
2016   Areeba Abbas, TDSB
2015   Justina Ilevbare, TDSB **Int'l Winner
2014   Kevin Chen, TDSB
2013   Khadija Waseem, TDSB
2012   Mohammad Ali Zaman, TDSB
2011   Josef Astorga, TDSB
2010   Fathima Nizamdeen, TDSB
2009   Hamza Hamid, TDSB

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Susan Seidman Excellence in Student Teaching Award

The Susan Seidman Excellence in Student Teaching award is open to students in an undergraduate education programme with a student teaching component. Undergraduate education majors engaged in student teaching during the summer, fall and spring of the current year are eligible.

The winning essay at the Chapter level will be entered in PDK International's Prospective Educator Award process. Chapter winners will receive a cheque for $500 and a Professional membership in PDK. The Chapter winner will be sent to the International level where it will be eligible for an award of up to US$1000.

Completed applications are due to Pauline Quan by Monday, March 14, 2016

Download the following application forms, complete and mail according to the instructions.
1) The Susan Seidman Excellence in Student Teaching Application Form Application Form

Please forward all questions about the award to Pauline Quan via email at pauline.quan@gmail.com

(Susan Seidman) Excellence in Student Teaching Award Winners
2016   Sophie Pigon, OISE
2015   Esther Khew, OISE
2014   Celina Pucci, OISE
2013   Fatima Jaffer, OISE
2012   Nehal Patel, York University
2011   Linda Ristevski, OISE
2010   Ritika Chaudhary, OISE
2009   Reneta Racheva, OISE

* The winner of the Jackman, Prospective and Susan Seidman Excellence in Student Teaching Award will not be confirmed until the submission of the membership, bio and pictures within 1 week of receiving notifcation.

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

This award represents the Chapter level of an international award, which can be accessed at http://www.pdkintl.org/awards/odda.htm .

Chapter winners will receive a cheque for $100 and a Professional membership in PDK. The Chapter winner will be sent to the International level where it will be eligible for an award of up to US$5000 and publication in The Kappan magazine.

The Doctoral Dissertation Award Chair for the Toronto Chapter is Dr. Bev Freedman ( bevfreedman@rogers.com) and all submissions must reach her by Friday, August 9, 2013. The application for the 2013 Doctoral Dissertation Award will be posted in the new year. Please visit this page again.

Past Doctoral Dissertation Winners
2012   Boni Thompson, York University
2011   Orlena Broomes
2011   Joanne Robinson
2008   Bev Freedman, OISE
2007 Kathleen Vaughan
        Barnabas Emenogu

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Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships

Who: Educators who are pursuing graduate degrees full-time.
What: Chapter winners include $100, a year's membership in PDK, and entrance into the International level competition which offers up to five awards of $750 - $1500 US. Award payments will be made to the applicant's institution by September 1 of the academic year.
Where: Contact: Peter Ross, pnross@rogers.com
When: Applications due: June 1, 2011
How: Download the forms from www.pdkintl.org/awards/gradfell.htm

  • Graduate Fellowships in Educational Leadership - full-time graduate students from July 1 through June 30
  • R. Gerald Melton Scholarship - doctoral study in education administration
  • John M. Skalski Scholarship - doctoral study in education
  • Ruey H. Witten Fellowship - post-baccalaureate study in music education
  • Charles R. Foster Memorial Fellowship - master's studies
  • Howard M. Soule Memorial Fellowship - doctoral studies or dissertation research

International Awards

Emerging Leaders (PDK Members Only)

The Phi Delta Kappa Emerging Leader programme recognizes top educators from around the world for their leadership, particularly related to PDK's tenets of service, research, and leadership. The award winners are selected from a competitive class of applicants based on their outstanding professional accomplishments. The PDK Emerging Leader award is a respected honour within the education community. Previous Emerging Leaders have said that this honour helped them secure job promotions and other accolades. Emerging Leaders are eligible to apply for the Profitt Grant for special projects.

For full information, see the PDK International website www.pdkintl.org.

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Henkin Conference Scholarships (PDK Members Only)

The Paul H. Henkin scholarships are provided to help educators new to the profession attend PDK's annual conference. The Henkin is an international level scholarship of $1,000 to cover travel, accommodation, and conference fees. Full information is on the PDK International website, www.pdkintl.org.

Gerald Read International Travel Scholarship

The Gerald Read Travel Scholarship is open to PDK members only. It helps offset the cost of traveling through PDK's International Educator-to-Educator Travel Programme. Information and application forms can be downloaded from www.pdkintl.org.

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