PDK International - The Professional Association in Education
Phi Delta Kappa - Chapter 85, University of Toronto


PDK is an educational organization which started over a hundred years ago as Phi Delta Kappa, a fraternity. Over 35000 members worldwide provide a powerful network for its members through research, leadership and service - globally and locally...
Education Matters - And that's why PDK!

PDK develops a sense of belonging to the exciting endeavour of education – locally, nationally, internationally. PDK is the only organization dedicated to publicly funded education which reaches out to the great variety of roles, levels and jobs in education.

Benefits flow both ways: to and from the society, the educator, and the students from the areas of Research, Service and Leadership.

Educators at each stage in their career will benefit from membership in PDK. (Membership Benefits)

2015 ChalkWalk

Date: Saturday, Oct 17, 2015
Location: Wilket Creek Park - Leslie and Eglinton
Time: 9am - 12 noon
The ChalkWalk is designed to raise awareness for public education as well as support for our educational initiatives.
PDK Foundation uses funds raised for awards and scholarships for students and supports the Spelling Bee of Canada.

Show your support today! Come to the walk or donate at GoFundMe
For more information, download the ChalkWalk Flyer - Click Here!

2015 Canadian Diversity Research Series - Session 1

The Nature and Implications of Our Diversity Demographics Do Not Equal Destiny Date: Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015
Location: OISE, U of T
Time: 7 pm - 9:15 pm
Presenters: Dr. Paul Favaro (PDSB) and John Myers (OISE)
To register, email pdkut.register@gmail.com. This is a FREE event
For more information, download the Research Series Flyer - Click Here!

2015 International Prospective Educator Award Winner - Justina Ilevbare

Congratulations Justina for being chosen as the winner of the Jo Ann Ota Fujioka Scholarship from PDK International!


  • Beginning teachers get assistance through the myriad of activities that are new to them.
    • Mentoring
    • Learning skills critical for new teachers
  • Mid-career teachers and administrators are rejuvenated by interacting with other colleagues in their field, while pursuing their own development.
    • Access to research to inform practice
    • Capacity building aligned to the classroom and school
    • Awards
  • Veterans deepen their own understanding while mentoring newer colleagues and enjoying the exchange.
    • Networking
    • Opportunities for mentoring
    • Capacity building
    • Interaction with other professional organizations
  • Students benefit in various ways.
    • Scholarships and awards
    • Community and volunteer hours
    • Build leadership skills
    • Explore educational and career opportunities through mentoring

    As it has for the past century, PDK strives to prepare the next generation of educators as well as to serve practicing teachers, administrators, college educators, and those concerned about public education through a wide range of innovative initiatives based on visionary leadership, relevant research, and dedicated service.

    For more information about our chapter, please contact the Chapter President, John Myers at: jmyers@utoronto.oise.ca